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WebPageDepot - The Fun and Informative Online Web Directory. Have we made a free basic webpage for you?

About Us

About WebPageDepot (WPD).

Our mission is to create a free basic website for every business, individual, association, school, place and more. WPD started in South Florida and now has sites in around the country and in Australia, Greenland, Pakistan and more.

WPD's policy is to maintain a high moral standard. All WPD websites adhere to this policy.

WPD basic websites are 95% custom. We do not use any Joomla, WordPress, WIX or any other automated templates. Google loves custom websites and WPD rates are high with Google, Bing and other search engines. Most will agree that if search engines does not like your site, then there isn't any value of having a website.

WPD Basic Websites are built on a shared service account and have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate that protects your site and your viewers. Your website is backed up daily and it is mobile optimized. The websites are created using a custom designed Content Management System (CMS) with automation. The site can built very easily and quickly. Just enter the site name, phone number, type of business and press the save button. The site is created and Google map is connected. Add in your address, business Facebook site, contact mail (no email addresses are published)and press the update button. Then answer some automation questions, add your logo and pictures with the drag and drop feature. Add some YouTube videos and your site is ready to be validated. Validation normally takes 1 - 3 days. If building or updating a website, keep an eye on the floating box to the right that tells you the completion status.

The staff at WPD hope we have provided a useful resource for you. Please know that we are happy to entertain other options, such as, building custom websites, logo creation and other graphic needs, mobile application development, game creation, social media management, branding, Facebook business site support and maintenance of any other existing Internet resource.

WPD Base Website Design


  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Breadcumb with type

Link Adds

Claim and Add Comment buttons

  • Reviews and Likes
  • Social Media Links
  • Facebook Business Site
  • Business Hours
  • Contact us Page Link
  • Alternate Website Link - Could be your original site
  • Thumbnail Pictures/Links of similar sites
  • Slider Pictures (max 5)
  • Site Name
  • Site Slogan
  • Welcome Message from Original Text
  • Welcome Message from Panel questions
  • Videos (Max 5)
  • Comments


1. Basic site creation and hosting = Free, never a charge

Updating site content to keep your site current
requires WPD staff work and requires a small charge.

2. Self / Client Updates = $12.95 (term - six months)

How - register and claim website

3. WPD Staff Updates = $49.95 (term – six months)

How - send updates to

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