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WebPage Depot - The Fun and Informative Online Web Directory. Have we made a free basic webpage for you?

About Us

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The WebPage Depot (WPD) mission is to create a basic website for every business and organization which is pleasing and informative to the viewer.

We have started in our backyard, Palm Beach County, Florida. Every organization is entitled to a website. If yours is not listed, contact us and we will build it.

The WPD basic site is very comprehensive and includes the following:
- logo, business name
- address with a link to google maps
- phone number
- pictures in a slider
- description of the business
- your Facebook feed
- List of business hours
- contact page as not to expose your email address
- link to an original website, if one exists

All this plus social media links to:
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Pinterest
- YouTube channel
- Yelp.
- a page on your services or menu.

We advertise to help defray or eliminate your cost.

WebPage Depot builds your basic website absolutely free, but we need you to partner with us to send us continual updates on specials, pictures, new products etc. Updates will help to keep your site high your ranking high on the list of our sites are created with three goals in mind. These goals are:

Make the decision today to be a WebPage Depot Partner. Get started now by clicking on Contact Us.