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CJ's Island Grill Establishment
CJ's Island Grill Affordability

CJ's Island Grill Affordability

CJ's Island Grill Accessibility

CJ's Island Grill Accessibility

CJ's Island Grill Contemporary

CJ's Island Grill Contemporary

CJ's Island Grill Webpagedepot

CJ's Island Grill Webpagedepot

Welcome to CJ's Island Grill

Relaxing place to dine, have a drink and hear live music

CJ's Island Grill is a Bar and Grill located on Lake Ave. in Lake Worth, Florida. They offer outside seating, food specials, and happy hour from noon until 8pm. They also have a billiards table, occasional live entertainment and television for sporting events. Open from 11am - 2am every day of the week.

CJ's Island Grill is located at 606 Lake Avenue. Lake Worth, Florida US. CJ's Island Grill is a Tavern type of establishment offering authentic US food. Since 2012, CJ's Island Grill has been serving their customers.

For the best US dishes in town, you must give CJ's Island Grill a try. This location offers the best bar & grill in stock. Their Yelp listing reviews brag about the quality of the potato salad. Their Facebook site brags about the quality of the fries.

CJ's Island Grill looks about average as you walk up. No need to dress up, the attire here is casual. When you arrive, you can expect to find a contemporary and modern ambiance. Yes, there is outdoor seating for when the weather is not too hot, not too cold, nor raining. Getting together with some friends for lunch? Give CJ's Island Grill a try. Late getting off from work? No problem! CJ's Island Grill is here for your convenience.

Delivery is an available service at this entity. Take out is an available service at this entity. CJ's Island Grill can cater your event so you don't have to. Ask us how we can make your party a success. You don't need a reservation at CJ's Island Grill. Just stop in. entity is dedicated to providing a clean environment, so you can focus on enjoying your stay. The lighting is fine at this establishment. It is easy to see around. CJ's Island Grill has plenty of tables for their customers. The noise level here is appropriate. If you like to dance, you will like CJ's Island Grill. Get ready to dance the night away.

CJ's Island Grill is rated a 3 star entity. The Tavern reviews provide good feedback for this place. CJ's Island Grill is very reliable when it comes to pub service. Some of the services provided at CJ's Island Grill is sports bar. The staff here is well trained and provide excellent support to customers whether student, buyer or otherwise. The menu is limited at CJ's Island Grill, but the taste and quality is vast. CJ's Island Grill is happy to accommodate large groups.

Entertainment is provided on the weekend only. CJ's Island Grill has a full bar available for customer enjoyment. This establishment offers a combination of affordability and accessibility to allow you access to their services. There are a few plastic cards accepted here.

Parking here is difficult. Expect to take some time to find a good spot. CJ's Island Grill has bike parking facilities. Enjoy special discounts and or deals every time you use your card at this entity. There may be a senior discount available however you may want to call ahead. WebPage Depot could not verify a discount for military personnel however have your ID ready.

CJ's Island Grill gladly welcomes all adults. This location is suited for senior and retiree clientele.

Yes, this establishment has passed the local health inspection.

Come on by or give us a call during business hours if you have questions (561) 249-6131.

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