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Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth Entertainment

Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth Entertainment

Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth Unfortunately

Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth Unfortunately

Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth Establishment

Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth Establishment

Welcome to Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth


Jon Smith Subs is a local sub shop that brings quality ingredients and great prices to the table.All ingredients are prepared daily and guaranteed fresh. The bread is baked daily, and the farm-fresh vegetables are cut daily to ensure the best taste possible. You will also enjoy the terrific cuts of sirloin which is marinated in an awesome Jon Smith marinating sauce. FRESH! FRESH! FRESH! Meats Cut Daily!

Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth is located at 3900 South Congress Avenue. Lake Worth, Florida US. Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth is a Fast food restaurant type of establishment offering authentic US food. Since 1989, Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth has been serving their customers.

As this is a chain, the services and product may be more consistent from site to site.

This location looks very inviting. There may be a host or hostess here. Research could not determine for sure. The attire here is causal, no need to put on your best coat. When you arrive, you can expect to find a contemporary and modern atmosphere. There is no outdoor seating at this location. Locals love to come to Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth for a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Have a great lunch at Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth. Up Late? Head on over for a midnight snack. The kitchen stays open late here.

Though not found in the research, this business may deliver or you can contact a delivery service. Take out is an available service at this business. Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth is happy to cater for your next event. You don't need a reservation at Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth. Just stop in. Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth is a very clean business. The lighting is fine at this establishment. It is easy to see around. At this business, there are tables with comfortable chairs. The noise level here is normal. Traditionally, there has been no dancing here.

Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth is rated a 4 star business. Be glad you chose this place, as the Fast food restaurant reviews are fantastic. This is the place to be. Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth, offers a large variety of meals for you to choose from. Bring the kids with you. Children are welcome here. Enjoy an intimate night with friends in one of the private rooms offered here.

There is no entertainment offered at this location. Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth does not serve alcohol. There are no rental facilities offered at this business. Sorry, there may be some existing obstacles in the way for wheelchairs. Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth is reasonably priced to accommodate all your needs. They fit your budget. Easy payment, as all charge cards are accepted here.

Parking is available but at times may need to walk a few meters. Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth has bike parking facilities. At this time, there is no Rewards Card programs. At this time there is no senior discount available here. Unfortunately, there are no military discounts available here.

At Jon Smith Subs - Lake Worth, all children are welcome. Adults will feel welcome here. Many of the customers here are seniors.

This business has recently passed the health inspection.

Come on by or give us a call during business hours if you have questions (561) 331-6406.

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