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How to create a website?

Easily create your own amazing website now!

WebPage Depot makes it possible for everyone to create a website for free. In just a few steps you can make your own free website.

Before claiming your business:

Step 1: go to homepage. Click My Account link from the top navigation.

Step 2: enter email address, password and click the Login button.

Step 3: click green Create New Website button from the top of screen.

Create a New Website

Welcome to Build Panel.

Total of 10 easy panels to build a website.

Panel 1: Basic

Website First Fold

This is the first step to create a website. Enter website name and city. Example: Joe Shoe Store - Delray Beach | 55 characters only.

  • Select a category
  • Enter phone number
  • Facebook business page URL
  • Owner email address
  • Owner name
  • Enter location
  • Upload logo
  • Click Upload Picture/File button and drop your logo file in the box, WebPageDepot accepts most popular image formats including: Jpg, Png, BMP.

Good job! Now press the "save" button before continuing.

Panel 2: Text and Automation Questions

Anwsers all possible automation questions

  • Note: for any irrelevant question please click Unknown button

Panel 3: Social Links

Add your social presence here. Enter any social media pages you may have in this area.

Social Media Pages

Panel 4: Alternate Sites

You can add up to 5 links.

WPD Links

Panel 5: Upload Images

WPD Images

Upload your website images here {Break for 1 sec}

1) Save pictures on your computer as .jpg or .png. Label picture with website name and a number.

2) Click the red "upload" button on the bottom center and follow directions. (Upload 1 to 10 pictures with one drag).
Be sure to click the "update" button below left when finished to save your changes.

3) When you are finished with all, preview the site.

Panel 6: Site Operating Hours

If you don't want to show business hours, click "hide" otherwise, you do nothing.

Website Business Hours

Panel 7: YouTube Videos

Add up to 5 youtube videos. Just highlight the ID and copy it from the entire youtube URL and add the appropriate line. example: ( Copy km1OOK8qSCY Bold only

Website Youtube videos

Panel 8: Restaurant Menu

If you own a restaurant or sell food, fill in this page and add items with description and prices on appropriate lines.

Panel 9: Services

Fill in this section if you want to show services with prices.

Menu/Service Page

Panel 10: Meta Tags

Note: This section is for viewing only, WebPageDepot will populate data here according to all information given on forms.

Website contents and update

Final Step: Preview or Submit Validator

Note: When you are finished adding all contents please click Submit to Validator to review and make it live

Website Preview or Submit to Validator


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