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Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee Establishment

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee Establishment

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee Affordability

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee Affordability

Welcome to Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is located at 187 W 5th St Pahokee, Florida. There is not much parking space outside the church, however 5 to 6 sedan vehicles can be accommodated on both sides of the church. If we take a look at the history of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, we will come to know that it came into existence in 1909. C.R. Reedy organized and name the church as Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Reedy served as first pastor of the church from 1909 till 1911. John Bruin and Mills served as the pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church for one year each. After that many pastors served the church that includes W. M. Moody, W. C. Chambliss, R. H. Huggins, T. H. Miller, L.A. Robinson, Alexander Dawson, Claude Russell Jr., Robert James, Lawerence James and Pearline Moore.

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is known for its charity activities. The church has also made the strategic partnerships with different businesses to help promote humanity.

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee is located at 187 W 5th St. Pahokee, Florida US. Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee is a Place of Worship type of place.

The reviews brag about the quality of service here. Everyone and everything gets the proper attention. Though the outside looks about average, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee provides great service. Come in any time during business hours. Normally this is not the place for dancing. You will enjoy a clean and comfortable environment during your visit. The lighting is fine at this establishment. It is easy to see around. The decor here is pleasing and appropriate for this business. Alcohol is not served at this establishment. The people come here mostly for the food, there is no live entertainment available here. Bring the kids with you. Children are welcome here. Book your next party in one of the private spaces offered here.

This establishment offers a combination of affordability and accessibility to allow you access to their services. Some charge cards are accepted here. This location may be suitable for wheelchairs, but WebPage Depot could not verify. Lock up your bike here. A Bike parking facility is available here. There is normally plenty of parking within a small walk. At Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee, all children are welcome. Adults will feel welcome here. This business caters to seniors. There is no available discount for seniors at this time. Consumers give this Place of Worship good reviews. Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee is rated a 4 star business. This establishment can hold a reasonable amount of people, just right to cater to everyone. Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee does not have a rental facility at the moment. You may want to check back at a later time. You are welcome to come spend your day here and browse around. No tours available currently. No dressy clothes needed here.

This individual is happy to share something about themselves here. If the phone number and address is shared, feel free to call or stop by during business hours. (561) 924-3052. Most of the reviews here at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Pahokee comment positively on them.

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