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Menu Don Ramon Restaurante & Social Club


1/4 Pollo Asado 1/4 roasted chicken   6.95
Chicharrones De Pollo deep fried chicken chunks with bone   6.95
Bistec De Pollo chicken breast with sauteed onions   7.95
Bistec De Pollo Empanizado breaded chicken breast   8.95
Pollo A La Juliana chicken a la julienne with peppers   8.95
1/2 Pollo Asado 1/2 roasted chicken   8.95


Picadillo ground beef in cuban gravy   6.95
Baby Palomilla pounded cuban-style steak   7.95
Boliche pot roast with gravy   7.50
Ropa Vieja shredded meat cooked in tomato base sauce   7.50
Vaca Frita grilled marinated skirt steak   8.95
Bistec De Carne Empanizado cuban-style breaded steak   8.95
Baby Churrasco baby flap meat with a side of chimichurri sauce   9.95

Pork & Fish

Lechon grilled pulled pork with sauteed onions   8.95
Chuleta De Puerco pork chop with sauteed onions   7.50
Filete De Pescado fried white fish   8.95

Daily Specials

All Meals Served With Rice, Sweet Plantains & Black Beans

Monday - Fricasse De Pollo chicken fricasse   8.95
Tuesday - Carne Con Papas beef stew   8.95
Wednesday - Carnero lamb creole   11.95
Thursday - Arroz Con Pollo chicken with rice   8.95
Friday - Pollo Con Camarones chicken and shrimp scampi   11.95
Saturday - Milanesa De Pollo chicken milanese   9.95
Sunday - Arroz Con Pollo chicken and rice   8.95


Appetizers Fiesta appetizers sampler   15.95
Coctel De Camarones shrimp cocktail   8.95
Tamal Con Lechon tamal with roast pork   7.95
Masas De Puerco Fritas fried pork chucks   6.95
Croquetas fried breaded ham sticks  (3) 2.50
Tostones Rellenos    8.95
Deditos De Pescado breaded fish finger   6.95
Chicharrones De Pollo chicken chunks   6.95
Empanadas   (5) 4.95
Chicharritas plantain chips   3.95
Papas Rellenas stuffed potatoes   2.95
Yuca Rellena stuffed yucca   2.95
Yuca Frita fried yucca   3.95


Cup / Bowl

Sopa De Pollo chicken soup   3.95 2.00
Caldo Gallego spanish white bean soup   3.95 2.50
Frijoles Negros black bean   3.95 2.00


Side Salad lettuce, tomato, onions   3.50
Regular Salad lettuce, tomato, onions, carrots, black olives   5.95
Ensalada De Espinaca spinach salad, red onions, tomato, onions, carrots, black olives   7.95


Pollo O Bistec Empanizado chicken or steak sandwich   7.95
Pan Con Lechon pork sandwich   6.95
Pan Con Bistec steak sandwich   6.95
Sandwich Cubano cuban sandwich   5.95
Sandwich De Pollo chicken sandwich   6.95
Sandwich De Cherna fish sandwich   7.95
Pan Con Croquetas ham croquette sandwich   4.95


1. Bistec De Pollo Encebollado boneless breast of chicken, butterflied, marinated and topped with sauteed onions   11.95
2. Milanesa De Pollo boneless breast of chicken, breaded, deep fried, touch of spanish creole sauce, ham and melted mozzarella cheese   13.95
3. Bistec De Pollo Empanizado boneless breast of chicken, butterflied, marinated, breaded and deep fried to a golden brown   12.95
4. Chicharrones De Pollo boneless breast of chicken, cut into small chunks, deep fried and topped with sauteed onions   10.95
5. Pollo Asado one of our house specialties half roasted chicken marinated in our special mojo sauce   10.95
6. Pollo A La Juliana marinated boneless chicken breast cut into julienne strips, sauteed with green & red peppers & onions   12.95


7. Bistec Don Ramen 10-12oz. cut, usda choice beef, pounded, marinated and topped with shoestring fries   14.95
8. Bistec De Palomilla cuban-style cut usda choice beef, pounded, marinated, grilled, garnished with chopped onions and parsley   11.95
10. Bistec De Milanesa breaded steak, marinated, deep fried, touch of spanish creole sauce, ham and melted mozzarella cheese   13.95
11. Boliche pot roast, roasted in its natural juices and topped with our chef's special gravy   10.95
12. Bistec Empanizado usda choice of beef marinated, breaded and deep fried to a golden brown   12.95
13. Higado A La Italiana usda choice liver, cut into julienne strips, marinated, sauteed with green & red peppers & onions   10.95
14. Ropa Vieja usda choice blade meat, shredded, cooked in a homemade tomato base sauce with onions, peppers and garlic   9.95
15. Picadillo usda lean ground chuck, cooked in a homemade tomato base sauce with onions, peppers, garlic and olives   8.95
16. Churrasco 10-12oz. cut, usda choice flap meat, marinated in our special mojo sauce and served with a side of chimichurri sauce   17.95
17. Vaca Frita usda blade meat, boiled in its natural juices, marinated and seasoned, grilled to perfection, topped with sauteed onions   13.95


19. Filete De Cerdo pork tenderloin, lean cut filet, marinated in our special mojo sauce and topped with sauteed onions   16.95
20. Lechon Asado roast pork, slow cooked, marinated in our special mojo sauce, pulled and lightly grilled with sauteed onions   11.95
21. Masas De Cerdo lean pork chunks, cooked in our special mojo sauce, deep fried and topped with sauteed onions   11.95
22. Chuletas De Cerdo pork chops, marinated in our special mojo sauce, grilled and topped with sauteed onions   11.95


23. Filete De Pescado 8-10oz. fish filet, broiled or fried   11.95
24. Mar Y Tierra surf & turf churrasco steak with garlic shrimp   20.95
25. Camarones Al Ajillo garlic shrimp   15.95
26. Camarones Enchilados shrimp in a homemade spanish creole sauce   15.95
27. Camarones Con Pollo garlic shrimp with boneless chicken breast   16.95
28. Pescado Imperial fish filet, broiled, topped with shrimp and garlic sauce   17.95
29. Zarzuela De Marisco crab, clams, mussels, scallops and fish in a homemade spanish creole sauce   24.95

Special Order

Arroz Con Pollo Para chicken with yellow rice  (2) 20.95
Paella Valenciana Para shrimp, clams, mussels, crab claws, white fish, scallops and chicken cooked with yellow rice   38.95

Side Orders

Arroz Blanco white rice   1.95
Arroz Moro mixed rice   2.25
Arroz Amarillo yellow rice   2.25
Maduros fried sweet plantains   2.95
Tostones fried green plantains   3.95
Yuca boiled yucca   2.95
Papas Fritas french fries   3.50


Regular Sodas coke, diet coke, sprite   2.25
Spanish Sodas jupina, materva, malta y ironbeer   2.25
Batidos shakes   3.75
Te Frio O Caliente hot or cold   1.95
Jugo De Naranja orange juice   2.25
Limonada fresh lemonade   2.50


Cafe Cubano strong sweetened cuban coffee   2.25
Cafe Regular regular american coffee   2.00
Cortadito cuban cafe with steamed milk atop   2.25
Cappuccino    4.25
Cafe Con Leche cuban coffee with steamed milk   2.95
Colada    3.50


Flan De La Casa house flan   3.95
Flan Con Coco coconut flan   4.50
Tres Leches three milk cake   4.95
Helado single scoop ice cream   2.75
Canoa Don Ramon ice cream with chocolate & caramel syrup and whipped cream   4.95
Guayaba Y Queso Crema guava and cream cheese   4.50
Arroz Con Leche homemade rice pudding   3.75

Kid's Menu $5.95

3 Croquettas 3 ham croquettes (fried battered ham bit sticks)  
Chicharrones De Pollo chicken chunks  
Pollo Asado 1/4 roasted chicken  


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