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How to claim your business?

Learn how to get started claiming your business.

Steps to claiming your business on WebPage Depot

Before claiming your business:

step 1 to create an account on WebPage Depot

Step 1: The easiest way to claim your website is to search your existing website at, enter your website name like Walking Shoes as an example and click the business name in the orange bar.

Step 2: Locate Claim No Button

Step 2: Locate the Claim this Site button on top right and click on it.

Note: You must have a login for your account or register for a free account on to claim it.

Once you are logged into your account, click on the orange "Claim" button.

Step 1: Enter your business name in the search box.

After clicking on the "claim this site" button, you will see a big green message on the top of the screen. This means the administrator of the website will receive an email to review the request and approve or disapprove and send you notification.


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